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Warranty Information

Our Guarantee: We will replace any battery we sell should it fail due to defects in the materials or workmanship: under normal installation, use and service while under warranty. This warranty does not cover the exceptions listed below.

This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages such as physical injuries, property damage, loss of time, loss of use of the vehicle, inconvenience, rental vehicle, towing charges, or accommodations resulting from the failure of the battery. 


Automotive Batteries 

Automotive Batteries are warrantied only when installed correctly in correct cars or light trucks. Installation of an automotive battery in any other type of vehicle or equipment voids your warranty, as well as installing the wrong type of battery into your vehicle.

Marine Batteries

Marine Batteries are warrantied only when installed into marine applications. 

Length of Warranty

Your warranty begins the day you purchase the battery  and expires at the end of the warranty period printed on your original receipt. This warranty cannot be extended or transferred to anyone else, at any time. 

Telltale Signs of Battery Failure

  • Slow engine cranking

  • Battery or check engine light Is ON

  • Low car battery fluid level

  • A bloated or swollen battery case

  • Corroded battery terminals

  • Dim headlights or interior lights 

  • Please keep battery connections tight, loose connections will get hot and melt the battery posts. Lead acid batteries take distilled water and need to be checked regularly. Warranty does not cover these issues. 

Discharged Batteries

A battery that is within the warranty period and found to only be in a state of discharge will be recharged at no cost to you. If charging does not revive the discharged battery due to low voltage that will void your warranty. A discharged battery is one that sits unused for longer than a month. To keep your battery in operational order it is recommended that you drive, run, or charge your vehicle every few days for at least 40 minutes at a time. 

Warranty Limitations

Replacement shall mean furnishing a new or used battery with sufficient life to complete the warranty term, which is incidental or reasonably equivalent to the warrantied product, at no cost to the purchaser during the replacement period. 

Damage not resulting from a defect in materials or workmanship or damage that occurs due to abuse or neglect (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance), transportation, accident, or alternation is excluded from this limited warranty. 

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