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Warranty Information

Battery Pros guarantees its products to be free of any manufacturing defects for a period of time listed on your receipt. This Limited Liability Warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship. It is subject to the exclusions listed below. The free replacement period begins at the day of purchase with receipt or indicated on the terminal of the battery if no receipt. 

This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages such as physical injuries, property damage, loss of time, loss of use of the vehicle, inconvenience, rental vehicle, towing charges, or accommodations resulting from the failure of the battery. 


Length of Warranty

Your warranty begins the day you purchase the battery  and expires at the end of the warranty period printed on your original receipt. This warranty cannot be extended or transferred to anyone else, at any time. 

Warranty Coverage

  • This warranty does not cover negligence or misuse of the battery or normal wear and tear.

  • This limited liability warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the battery; it is non-transferable to any other person or entity. 

  • Abuse or neglect such as improper fluid levels, loose wiring, or rusted or corroded hardware 

  • Damage caused by improper installation of the battery 

  • Neglect, breakage, freezing, fire, explosion, wreckage, or the addition of any chemicals 

  • Batteries that have had the manufacturing dates codes destroyed or tampered with void the warranty

  • Batteries that have been exposed to excessive heat or cold temperatures 

  • The operation of the battery or battery sets is an overcharged or undercharged condition; our staff needs to test the validity of power on the battery before determining if it is warrantable. Please allow us reasonable time to test your battery; please note that the battery must be fully charged at the time of testing. 

  • Do-It-Yourself modifications or damages due to gross negligence or abuse are not covered by the warranty. 

Warranty Limitations

Replacement shall mean furnishing a new or used battery with sufficient life to complete the warranty term, which is incidental or reasonably equivalent to the warrantied product, at no cost to the purchaser during the replacement period. 

Damage not resulting from a defect in materials or workmanship or damage occurs due to abuse or neglect (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance), transportation, accident, or alternation is excluded from this limited warranty. 

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