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My name is Mike Gray and my wife is Holly.

We were married in May of 2019 and we both have a passion for Jesus. I have been in the lawn sprinkler and outdoor construction industry for almost 30 years. I noticed in 2017, battery prices had grown rapidly without explanation. After 3 years of research on why I still had no answer so my conclusion was "because they can."

In February 202o I decided to open my own retail location. As I was trying to open, Covid hit, so I had a decision to make. Hold off or press forward. Well, I am faithful and God made a way and we opened in May 2020. 

We have been so blessed as our little retail outlet has grown exponentially. We are looking at expansion less than 3 years in. 

I can only attribute it to God. He has guided us to this point and we are certainly thankful. My vision was limited but His wasn't.

About The Owners
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